Smart Marketing Tourism





Total Public Expenditure budget: 83,953,682 euros, of which the amount of 67,162,945 euros is the participation of the European Union (80%) and 16,790,737 euros is the National participation (20%).


A more resilient and “green” cross-border region

A more accessible cross-border region

An inclusive cross-border region

Indicative Actions

Climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention.

Promotion of circular economy and efficient use of resources.

Protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and “green” infrastructure.

Developing and enhancing sustainable, climate-resilient, “smart” and intermodal mobility.

Improving equal, inclusive access to high-quality education, training and lifelong learning services.

Strengthening the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and innovation.

Competent Authority for Program management

Interreg Special Service 2021-2027