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Open invitation to event

The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace from the 1st of July 2020 participates as lead partner in the project entitled “Smart Marketing Strategies for Tourism in the Cross-Border Area” with the acronym ‘SMS-CBA’, which is implemented in the framework of the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Programme “Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020” under Priority Axis 2.

The Final Conference of the project will be held in Kavala at the Administrative Building (conference room N. Marti) on Wednesday 15 November 2023 at 11:00 a.m. where the presentation of the project’s e-learning tool kits (e-classes) will take place. In this context, PAMTH is issuing an Open Call to Tourism Institutions and Professionals.

The project combines tourism with ICT, focusing on the promotion of the natural resources of the cross-border region of Greece and Bulgaria through an up-to-date, professionally designed and executed marketing and campaign plan.
The Corporate Scheme of the project consists of the following entities:
– Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (lead partner of the project)
– Eastern Macedonia Region (lead partner of the Region).
– Institute of Speech Processing, Research Centre for Innovation “ATHENA”.
– Haskovo Regional Administration (Bulgaria)
– Karzali Regional Administration (Bulgaria)
– Smolyan Regional Administration (Bulgaria)
– Regional Tourist Organization “Rodopi” (Smolyan – Bulgaria)
The overall objective of the SMS-CBA project is to systematically plan and organise the smart promotion of the cross-border region as a natural heritage destination. More specifically, the project aims to:
1. Establishing and presenting the destination as a marketable product.
2. The promotion of the area as a tourist destination and the promotion of the region as a tourist attraction
3. Involvement of the visitor in the promotion of specific resources.
4. In creating links with the tourism business community and maximising their promotion.
5. In enhancing the development of the area through the involvement of volunteers and youth.
6. To enhance the promotion of the area at local and supra-local level in Greece and abroad.

Cleaning of Nymphaia forest

As a continuation of the actions within the framework of the ‘SMS-CBA’ INTERREG V-A “Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020” program, we interacted together with the Komotini Sea Scouts Komotini Sea Scouts, the 5th Komotini Air Scout System, the F.C Academy PAOK Komotinis football academy and the newly established Akrites Komotini F.C – Football Academy, where we thank them for responding to the call and together, we lived the experience of maintaining the cleanliness of a landmark, such as the Nymphaea Forest, on the cross-border line between Greece and Bulgaria. It is located in the northern part of Komotini, 4 kilometers from the center and is the oxygen lung, source of greenery of the city. It is covered by pine trees and is ideal for relaxation, exercise and walks.

It is a natural balcony that offers a wonderful view of the plain, the rivers, the mountain range of Ismaros, the Thracian sea and Mount Athos. Let’s not forget to thank the cleanliness of the Municipality of Komotini for its support.


The trip aims to promote the project and strengthen tourism awareness among young people so that they can become ambassadors through their Social Media accounts, of the Natural beauty and cultural heritage of our region.

Youth social media Festival

The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace from 01/07/2020 participates as a lead partner in the project entitled “Smart Marketing Strategies for Tourism in the Cross-Border Area with the Acronym ‘SMS-CBA'” which is implemented within the framework of the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Program “Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020” and organizes at the Komotini Concert Hall on Thursday 05/10 at 19:00 a Festival that will contain:

– Concerts with young bands from Greece and Bulgaria

– Graffiti performance

– Photo booth

– Great Competition with an iPhone 14 as a gift