Smart Marketing Tourism




The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace participates as a lead partner in the approved project with the following elements:

EN: Smart Marketing Strategies for Tourism in the Cross-Border Area Title -EL: Smart Marketing Strategies for Tourism in the Cross-Border Area Project acronym: “SMS-CBA”.


The project “Smart marketing strategies for tourism in the cross-border region” with the acronym SMS-CBA is implemented within the framework of the INTERREG V-A Cooperation Program “Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020” and is part of Priority Axis 2. A sustainable and climate-adaptable cross-border Region, Investment Priority 6c. Preservation, protection, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage.


The project combines tourism with Information and Communication Technologies, focusing on the promotion of the natural resources of the cross-border area of Greece and Bulgaria through an updated, professionally designed and executed marketing plan and campaign.

The total budget of PAMTH amounts to €224,297.30 while the total budget of the project is €994,996.70.


Tourism has proven to be the most shock-resistant industry worldwide. It plays an important role for the local economy of the cross-border area, with all relevant policy makers placing it at the core of their strategic planning. In addition, the spread of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with an emphasis on the internet have been quickly adapted to tourism: new planning and marketing strategies for destinations are explored in physical and virtual environments. A traveler’s experience begins online long before they reach their destination. A destination can gain more market share with targeted advertising and promotion, as more than 90% of prospective travelers consider other travelers’ reviews when booking. Despite the wealth of cultural and natural assets in the cross-border region, the means of promotion in the past have been fragmented and ineffective, while tourism activity remains relatively low, largely dependent on external factors.


  1. Identify and create a product destination i.e. landmark points of interest and itineraries with international branding potential.

  2. Development of a Marketing Plan to create a sustainable cross-border destination ID.

  3. Implementation of marketing and promotion campaign.

  4. Development of electronic tools for purchasing services with testing by young people volunteers, to serve the visitors.

  5. Development of a comprehensive portal for tourism to cover all needs of the modern tourist, with the introduction of innovative features based on the provision of services for tourists and agencies.

  6. Organization of targeted workshops and meetings with business community.



The overall goal of the SMS-CBA project is to systematically plan and organise the smart promotion of the cross-border area as a natural heritage destination. In this context, the SMS-CBA project aims to:

1. To establish and present the destination as a marketable product.

2. The promotion of the destination as a commercial product and the promotion of it as a tourist destination.

3. Involvement of the visitor in the promotion of specific resources.

4. In creating links with the tourism business community and maximising their promotion.

5. In enhancing the development of the area through the participation of youth volunteers.

6. To strengthen the promotion of the area at a local level.